Tuesday, September 20, 2011

weekend gateway with the wonderers

Oh my September… Hello “BER” month, and to welcome the “BER” month the wonderers invade Samal island a 2nd class city in the province of Davao del Norte.  Hmmp it was originally the TROPAPEEPS outing but due to busy schedule it turned out as “the wonderers” trip… haaayyyy another shuttered dreams but still no regrets we still ENJOY the whole whole trip… another blast moment with my best of friends.  Weeeeeeeeeeeee HELLO SAMAL ISLAND, HELLO MAXIMA AQUA FUNBEACH RESORT!!!

Presenting the WONDERERS…

JONES the great planner (is he really planning?? hahahaha cause as I have noticed most of our trips was unplanned! Right guys?)

BRYAN the maker / the baby maker?! Haha JOKE :P (actually he is in charge of making way “para matuloy ang mga impromptu plans ng planner )

KAYE the negotiator (why oh why negotiator?? Because she asks permission to my parents in behalf… )

VEENA the minor (MINOR??!!   Simply because my parents won’t allow me sometimes and I need a negotiator! Hahaha but it’s OKEY I’m used to it ;))

... And let our powers combined, WE ARE THE WONDERER'S! ;)

At SM Davao City Grocery time… time to buy our stuffs for our weekend gateway…  Budget2x guys, remember our allowance is limited only! Haha

Photos taken at G Mall Davao Parking Area… Lunch break guys, need to take my meds J have our lunch at G Mall, CORRECTION “HAD MY LUNCH” hehe…  

 AT BARGE (Big SMILE) the Island is almost there!!! Excited? Hahaha yes, we are very much excited! Especially me… hehe it was my 2nd time here in Samal Island and 1st time at Maxima Beach Resort.

 Waaaaaaa… F I N A L L Y!!!! After a long ride hello MAXIMA AQUAFUN BEACH RESORT… So this is it! The resort that does not have sandy beaches, instead it’s on a cliff edge. (^_^) Exciting

By the way, with us is KUYA MIKE a friend from Marbel working in Davao City… hehe the SENIOR in the group? :P 

 Whooaaaa…  OMG!!!  Thank GOD we finally reach the resort cottages… huhuhu noticed our sweats?! Noticed BRYAN sweats?! Hahaha Yes, we had this trek thing…TSK and we are going to do it again sa pag uwi namin! L Next time guys, when we plan to go here mag “Bangka” nlng ta ha?! Wala pa corkage.. .hihihi

 Weeee.. So overwhelmed with the resort! Thank you MAXIMA… For the first time in my almost 26th years of existence I'd experience the Banana Boat Ride, Swimming with life jacket (at least now I know what’s the feeling being in the sea that is 10 to 17Ft deep below reefs and don’t know how to swim and my only companion is my habibi, friends and MY LIFE JACKET ;) WOW!) , and to slide on their famous 50 meters long & 40ft high from the sea tarpaulin slide that I think the longest tarpaulin slide in the country. (*_*)

 Night time bonding… No Swimming allowed for security reasons so what’s the best thing to do??! PICTURE TAKING time! :-D please be ready of our tripod guys for our complete family pic.. haha
 Souvenir shot from their slide… J don’t have any souvenir pic when we are sliding earlier since almost all of us are eager to try their slide and didn’t mind of having one.. haha

 So that’s what you called “FIRE DANCING” wow… AMAZING! … It was my first time actually…. Didn’t you notice? ALMOST ALL MY 1ST TIME!!! Hahaha who cares??? :P

 (LEFT) Go baby… tighten my life jacket please I don’t know how to swim you know that.
 (RIGHT) aheeeemmm Kaye?! Feeling secure already? J

 Okey.. here we go again…. Swimming time, Lord Help me float in the sea please... hahaha I still don’t trust my life jacket! PARANOID? L

                              Opps… SCUBA DIVING??!! Hahaha what do you think?

 Now kaye and jones are very much enjoying the beach! Isn’t obvious? L Well, they have the guts and THEY KNOW HOW TO SWIM!!! By the way, bryan is our official photographer here… hehe he decided not to swim since he was tired? Tired from yesterday’s banana boat ride LOL…

                                      Seeeeeeee?!!! I’m floating…. Hahahaha
 Presenting the Banana Boat Ride!! Hehe took the picture on the 2nd day of our adventure since we haven’t have any souvenir pic during the time we had our banana boat ride L haaay saying our laughs and screams were not captured. Well, better luck next time.

 At ABREEZA Ayala Mall… Had our lunch before going home J I think this is the most favorite picture of bryan… hehe “GWAPO DAW KASI SIYA DITO” owsss? Di nga?! Hahaha

Time to go home… another blast weekend with the wonderers (BIG SMILE) … Where will be our next UNPLANNED gateway Mr. planner?? 


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Everyone knows the power of friends, the terrific result when everything blends. And hanging out with them can be sure that is going to be an unlimited fun. Talks seem to go on forever, reminiscing past experiences having silly topics that later on will be a point of lengthy discussion. :)

Presenting the treasured friends. Glad we found each other, yayks... hahaha

From SPONGECOLA concert :) VIP Access!!! wohooooo... Thank's to Mr. Jones Hinay for the vip ticket and to Mr. Ahlden Villarino for the brilliant idea, you know what I mean dhen... (^_^)

Had our rest for 1 week and after that hello ROCKSTEADY! :)) the show was super enjoy, unfortunately we are not complete... Well, better luck next time guys.. You miss half of your life?! ahahaha TEDDY was one of the best local vocalist. Super down to earth :) Two thumbs up for ROCKSTEADY BAND :)) 

Now this the BEST!!! The Tanduay first five concert... it was a blast bryan got drunk??! hahaha well, believe it or not. Thanks to Tanduay Zombie... hehehe Witnessed 5 major local Filipino bands.. WOW! This night was one of the most treasured memories we had... A super certified unlimited fun... Thank you so much guys ;) till next time.... 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a cup of blessings...

It's JULY! and it's travel time... since then I am waiting for this moment to come... time to invade the northern part of the country... yahoooooo.. ;)

1st stop was at MANILA OCEAN PARK. A once in a lifetime experience  with their lovable marine life habitat show artist from South America. Indeed a very entertaining show for young and old alike...

It's picture taking time ;) with their very own VINCENT one of the sea lion artist.

just dropping by at NUVALI, Sta. Rosa Laguna and a souvenir shot as well at Yellow Cab? ;) this was on our way to Tagaytay City day 2 of our trip. I can say that this was the most tiring and enjoyable day I had during our 4 days trip. 

At Tagaytay City. An hour and 15 minute drive from Manila I guess via south luzon expressway. Glad we met an Ilonggo Taxi driver from manila and he recommended his friend to be Our driver at the same time tourist guide during our trip. :) This Particular collage photos were taken at Picnic Grove, A picnic area overlooking Taal Lake and Taal Volcano from their view deck. You can also have a horseback riding with your kids and go shopping for souvenir items for your love ones. 

It's lunch time at Dencio's. Glad we arrive before 12:00NN we didn't wait that long to have our foods. They served good and authentic local foods. For their CRISPY PATA two thumbs up... 

Next stop after Tagaytay is at ENCHANTED KINGDOM! Everything there is beautiful especially there rides but unfortunately I was not able to ride all of them because I'm afraid :(( I do not have this GUTS to try it. Hay, I guess better luck next time. But overall we had a great time.

The Wheel Of Fate... My 1st ride at EK with jones and raymund :) Screaming at first but used to it after I think three rounds? hahaha

Go Cart... A stress reliever for my hubby! haha and of course being a supportive "girlfriend" what else can I do?? OKEY!!! Picture Picture Picture ;)

It's UP UP and Away time.. haha I really enjoyed this ride. 
Oooppssss... Am I too old for Carousel ride?! hmmp WHO CARES! Isn't obvious?? haha

This Flying Fiesta ride was just out of curiosity only.. haha I thought it was an extreme ride but I was mistaken... ;)

and who are they?? haha Honestly I do not know them, I just love their costumes and the mascot is so cute..

woohhhoooooo!!! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.... It completes my day! The best doughnuts I've ever tasted in my almost 26 years in existence... hahaha

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Top Left (A Little crazy thing love, Finding Mr. Destiny, The Beast and the Beauty) Bottom Left (Millionaires first love, Love Phobia, Romantic Island)

I've been enjoying lately watching this romantic comedy films from different race. Some are Koreans, Thai and Japanese film. One Main reason why I like this movies are ahemm.. (IT HAS SUBTITLES) ahaha.. I can easily understand what the film is all about. No need of maximizing the volume just to understand the whole story. I can even watch it w/ no speaker or headset. It's like I'm reading a novel with pictures... And lastly ...  I can watch the film even if I'm at work with my boss beside me.. LOL

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Foods... Foods... Isn't it obvious how we love food? LOL

It's been a while since the last time we hang out... after more than 
a month i guess? tsaaadaaaaa.... KAINAN time... inuman time...
chikkahan time... 
" A smile starts on the lips. A grin spreads to the eyes. A chuckle
comes from the belly, But a good laugh burst from the soul, 
overflows, and bubbles all around"
wheeew... we're so full...
Thank you lord for these foods we ate and for giving us
time to bond with each other... :)



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